About Us

(The description of our project is available in several languages. See the text box to the right or the menu at the top under „About us“)


The DeCentral establishes space for political activism and discussion,
comfy gatherings, movie evenings, workshops, talks, theater
performances, club events and much more. However, it’s important to us
that no party-political, religious or commercial interests are represented.

We oppose all forms of fascism, antisemitism, racism, homophobia,
trans*phobia, sexism, nationalism, patriotism and any kind of ruling
ideology and discrimination.

The DeCentral is an autonomous space. All persons and groups work
non-paid and voluntarily, be it behind the bar, when cleaning or doing
the accounting. In order to stay independent the DeCentral does not
claim any state grants or other sponsorships, but instead funds itself
only through donations and the earnings from the café. These are used
for political work, paying the rent and running costs as well as
maintenance of the infrastructure and furniture.

The DeCentral is not a service enterprise in the conventional meaning.
We are against the pressure to consume and the typical separation of
“host” and “guest”. We appeal to the sanity and individual
responsibility of all people who visit the DeCentral and so it should
not be the duty of the staff only to take care of everything. In this
regard we appreciate it if you treat each other friendly and with
solidarity, if you clean your plates, sweep stuff up if necessary and
donate some money occasionally.

If you can identify with our principles and you feel like participating
in this project, come by and bring in yourself and your ideas!